High Expectations for Best Cyber Monday Deals in 2017

Each year different people get busy scouting for the best Cyber Monday deals depending on an individual's needs and demands. With the growth in the number of internet users, the shopping experience for this year and future is likely to be amazing.

Best Cyber Monday deals in 2016

Last year, different shoppers were treated to many amazing Cyber Monday deals. Here is a glimpse of some of the products that stood out during last year's Cyber Monday sales.

iPhone 7

Apple’s iPhone 7 was the product that drew the most attention among shoppers and not for a wrong reason. It has what an excellent phone should have – large memory capacity and stunning functionalities. As this year's Cyber Monday approaches, there are high expectations that iPhone X will be the star of the day.

· PS4

During the 2016 Cyber Monday, PlayStation 4 came with a bit hit. With only $249 you could get the 500GB PS4 from Amazon.  Also, shoppers received an amazing discount on any PS4 accessories. For example, a discount of $20 was given for PS4 controllers.

Cyber Monday approaches
Cyber Monday deals

• Xbox One

Huge discounts were not only available for PS4 and iPhone 7 alone; the Xbox One was still on line. For example, Xbox One S bundle was given at $249 from GameStop, and this came with Gears of War 4.

· IPad

During any holiday shopping season, the iPad has remained one of the favorite products that many people look out for. During the 2016 Cyber Monday deals, Best Buy gave out a discount of $100 for every model of iPad. Nevertheless, Target gave a discount of $150 for the iPad Pro 9.7.



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Expected Cyber Monday Deals, 2017

With the shift in the tech landscape since last year, a lot of crazy Cyber Monday sales and deals are expected this year. This is attributable to the fact that many people now have access to the internet through smart home devices, new TVs, better phones. Considering the past cases, there has been a merge between Black Friday and Cyber Monday that resulted in a long week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. There is a high possibility for early Cyber Monday deals.

With respect the case of Cyber Monday 2016, it is possible to make rough predictions about the state of affairs this year. There is a high probability for the best online Cyber Monday deals this year.

• iPhone 8 and iPhone X deals

Given the hype that iPhone 7 created last year, this year is expected to be much especially with the launch of iPhone X and iPhone 8. In fact, the coming Cyber Monday is expected to be one of the best times to buy the stellar pieces.

· Apple Watch 3

Apple products are often on demand for their performance. In September the company has launched a couple of products including the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and the amazing Apple Watch 3. Despite its high price of $399, it is expected that this year’s Cyber Monday deals will feature an amazing discount for the Appel Watch 3.

Cyber Monday is expected
PlayStation 4 had crazy discounts during Cyber Monday

• PS4 Pro

PlayStation 4 had crazy discounts during Cyber Monday 2016, and it is expected to follow suit in this year's deals. The reason for this is that there is a new and greatest model of the PlayStation from Sony – the PS4 Pro.

· Xbox One X

There has been an incredible transformation in Xbox One. For example, Project Scorpio from Microsoft was launched under the name Xbox One X. It comes with a collection of about 22 games and features 4K gaming, and much more. Considering its features and the initial price of $500, expectations are high that it will be discounted significantly during the Cyber Monday sales this year.


The above are just a few of the products that are likely to make it to the list of best Cyber Monday deals in 2017. However, be on the lookout for more details as many brick and mortar companies continue to launch their best products every day.

Best Cyber Monday deals
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